Verdigris: Interactive Steampunk Adventure

Experience an interactive novel on your iPhone or Android compatible device as you explore the exciting city of Railhead in the Steampunk world of Verdigris.

The Fashion
The Science
The Glory

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The Game:

Verdigris offers over 5 hours of adventure, one screen at a time.  Your choices unlock new options while closing off other paths you might have taken. Each step you take, each decision you make, each screen you read determines your journey through Verdigris and alters your destiny.

Visit the world of Verdigris as many times as you want, as the choices you make affect your journey and define your experience. Multiple story paths offer different endings. Find them all!

Verdigris features 10 interlocked adventures that can be read in any order to form a single thrilling story: your story. Experience a dynamic adventure that customizes itself based on the choices you make, the people you interact with, and the places you visit.

The World:

The city of Railhead is emerging from the Magic-haunted shadows of the past and is poised to enter the gleaming future that Science promises. There are those who say that there was never even any such thing as Magic and that is was merely Science misunderstood. But there are also those who still hold to the ancient ways of Magic and who insist that Science is a mistake at best and a trick or a lie at worst.

Which path will you choose?

Ancient sorcerers, mad scientists, ruthless businessmen, zombies, automatons, spies, haunted graveyards, hidden laboratories, and towering skyscrapers await you in Verdigris.

The choices are yours, the adventure is yours, the story is yours: experience Verdigris!

- Simple interface that makes reading and choosing your path easy and fun
- Real time notebook keeps track of your story while you play
- City map allows you to effortlessly return to anywhere you’ve been
- Atmospheric images and an original soundtrack enhance your reading experience
- Over 600 screens of text
- Over 1000 different actions to choose from

Buy Verdigris at the App Store!

Buy Verdigris at the Android Marketplace!