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More Great Verdigris Reviews 5/7/13

Lots of kind words have been written about my interactive novel. Here are some of my favorites:

"Highly entertaining. Well written, witty, engrossing, with a fully realized steampunk world."

"Engaging A fantastic way to while away idle time. The Art and story will suck you in and make you want more."

"Fantastic! The freedom of choice is great. Hope to see more of this."

"Amazing game. Very well written. If your a fan of choose your own adventure games this will not disappoint."

And my absolute favorite so far:

"Dobrze zrobiona Ładna grafika, w tle przyjemna muzyka, historia trzyma się kupy."

My Polish isn't so good, but he gave us 4 Stars, so I guess he liked it!

He Likes Monday! 2/14/13

My friend Adam read Monday and the Counterfeit Corpse and here's what he wrote about the experience:

I like Monday! February 14, 2013
I love the banter among the characters and the references to movies, books and TV shows that are part and parcel of the gamer experience. The world (worlds really) jump of the page and Andy has clearly though a lot about the way his world works, though he rarely get into that background except in service to the story. Both books are a quick fun read and I recommend them highly.

Thanks for the kind words, Adam!

Monday and the Counterfeit Corpse is Published! 2/12/13

Monday and the Counterfeit Corpse Cover
Zack is back! I'm proud and excited to announce the multi-format release of my second novel, Monday and the Counterfeit Corpse. You can get it from all the usual suspects, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your favorite independent book seller.  Give it a read, and - if you are so moved - a review would be nice!

Sequel Alert 1/15/13

With the 4 and 5 star reviews pouring (for certain definitions of 'pouring') in, I am pleased and proud to announce the forthcoming sequel to Monday and the Murdered Man.  If everything goes mostly well (or most things go very well) Monday and the Counterfeit Corpse will be available in paperback and e-book formats on March 1st, 2013.  Stay tuned for untimely announcements!

Verdigris available (at last!) in the Android Marketplace 3/12/12

The long wait is over, check out the interactive steampunk novel full of weird science, ancient magic, dark secrets, zombies and neo-Victorian snark on your Droid. Click here to get it for your very own.

Monday and the Murdered Man enters Kindle Select Program 2/25/12

For the next 90 days, the e-book of Monday and the Murdered Man will be available exclusively from Amazon.  The upside to this is that if you're an Amazon Prime member, you may borrow MatMM for the low, low price of FREE.  Also, sometime during the next month the e-book will be absolutely free for ever and for keeps.  Stay tuned for more details.

Hardcovers Have Shipped! 2/20/12

After an extra special long wait, the hardcover copies of Monday and the Murdered Man have shipped out.  If you were scheduled to get one of these bad boys through Kickstarter, you should be seeing that Real Soon Now!  Woo!

Another 5 Star Review for Verdigris! 2/6/12

They like us! They really like us!

Excellent writing - ★★★★★
by Crazensoft - Version 1.2.4 - Jan 24, 2012
I call for a sequel. The game plays well.

Check it out yourself!

One Step Closer 2/1/12

The proof copy of my book in hardcover has arrived at last.  The epic comedy of complications aren't particularly interesting, but I may make up an entirely fictitious version for my blog some day.  For now, suffice it to say, we are one step closer to the hard covers being available.  Stay patient Andy-Fans!
It's real!

Arisia Was Great! 1/19/12

I'm back from the Arisia Science Fiction Fantasy Convention.  It was spectacularly enjoyable and my first semi-professional live reading went quite well.  Thanks to Walter Hunt and Richard Stallman for being great co-readers and fascinating human beings.

I have every good intention of writing up a more complete convention report over on the blog side of the page.  Stay tuned for procrastination!

Recent Reviews for Verdigris!

Addictive! - ★★★★★

by DiabeticDiva - Version 1.2.4 - Dec 30, 2011

An engrossing entertainment - very enjoyable!

Nostalgic - ★★★★★

by Node 23 - Version 1.2.4 - Dec 19, 2011

This review will be quite biased. It is a perfect game for anyone who grew up reading Choose-Your-Own Adventure books. No more pages falling out from being re-read, no temptation to peek between choices to get the best ending..... It would be nice to see this develop into a series. Maybe your accomplishments and goods could carry over in the next story.

Interesting - ★★★★★

by MysteryNightmare - Version 1.2.4 - Nov 13, 2011

It's an interesting an wonderful experience. Definitely worth the money!! :)

Andy at Arisia in Boston
Arisia 2012 is mere weeks away (January 13-16th at the Westin Boston Waterfront in Boston, MA) where - among many other wondrous things - you can see and hear me read from Monday and the Murdered Man on Friday night and get your copy signed on Saturday morning.

Better late than never? 12/14/11
Things have been crazy busy the last few days, but the books are here (and have been for several days...) if you're looking to get your very own paperback copy of Monday and the Murdered Man, you now have options.  You can get it from Amazon or you can buy it at my store 3 Trolls Games & Puzzles.  Isn't it wonderful to have choices?
A whole lot of Monday!

Ignore your calendars, today is Monday! 12/1/11
Monday and the Murdered Man is available as a paperback on Amazon.  Today is the day, Dear Reader, today is the day.  Link!

The Galley Proof is here 11/29/11
The first physical copy of my book exists.  Soon it will be everywhere. Soon ... it will be time for Monday.

Proof of proof

Monday and the Murdered Man is available! 11/14/11
The wait is over! My novel is available as an e-book download from both Amazon.com and BN.com.  If you want your own personal wait to be over, click one of the two links over there on the right and download Monday and the Murdered Man right away!

Update for Verdigris available for download! 11/12/11

Verdigris for the iPhone

It feels like it's taken forever, but the long awaited (awaited by me if no one else) expansion and update for Verdigris is here.  Get ye to iTunes and download it pronto. www.itunes.com/apps/verdigris

Cover Art for Monday and the Murdered Man is here!
Monday and the Murdered Man

Tune in here for semi-regular updates to my blog and to follow my self-publishing adventure.